I work at my desk all day, every day. A friend referred me to this site. With the pain I was getting in my lower back and also in my wrist, this is the perfect product. I keep a wrap at my desk and when the pain in my lower back, or wrist would start I would pop the wrap in the microwave and in minutes the pain would be gone. Great product mothercatco, keep up the great work.

College of Lake County, IL
job title : Secretary

Dear mothercatco,Thank you so much for your Riviera Wrap, it has been a godsend for me. I love to garden, but often I have a sore back from the bending over. I have started using your product and it has done wonders. Now I am able to garden the way I used to. I am ordering one for my Mom who has arthritis.

Sincerely, Thomas W.
Oak Brook, IL.

I just got into the house after a few hours of yard work, mostly weeding my flower beds on my hands and knees, and my lower back is starting to ache. After I cool down a bit (it's hot outside), I pop my Riviera Wrap into the microwave for 55 seconds, wrap in around my waste, and lay back in my comfy chair for 20 minutes to relax. Instant relief. I have also used the wrap around my knees and my neck when they get sore. I used to use disposable heat wraps which got very expensive, very quickly. I was spending $15.00 to $20.00 a month. I've had my Riviera Wrap for many months now and it has saved me some big bucks.Thanks Riviera Wrap!

Kristy Z.
Lombard, IL.

I used the wrap while recovering from hernia surgery. The heat felt great and lessened my pain significantly. I have used this wrap to help with my back pain. It really reduces the spasm and hastens my recovery every time that I use it.

Wally A.
Nappanee, IN

I have always been prone to neck and back strains, Just reaching for something can trigger the problem. In the past I have tried muscle relaxants, pain pills or anything else to relieve the pain. I bought a Riviera Wrap this year, I used it with Arbor Oil Eucalyptus and thankfully I have found a solution. The Riviera Wrap really worked. Thanks to you guys I never have to deal with being incapacitated from back and neck strains again.

Best Regards,
Erin P.
Arbor Products Inc.
Park Ridge, IL.

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