Pain Kit

Pain Kit with Arbor Oil Eucalyptus Oil & Riviera Wrap Heat Wrap Only $4.95 ships all orders!

Arbor oil eucalyptus oil is a 100% pure Australian eucalyptus oil that is the finest quality available. Now it is teaming up with Riviera wrap heat wrap to give you even better results for pain relief. Just spray on affected area and place heat wrap over it for fast comfort.

Arbor Oil eucalyptus oil is great for aches and pains as well as sinus trouble from colds and flu. Also great for rashes, insect bites, fungal infection, mosquito repellent, and more!

You have your choice of fill of corn or rice for the Riviera Wrap heat wrap.

Riviera Wrap heat wrap is available in three optional sizes:

Standard - 65" length / heating pad is 22" x  7" / fits waist sizes 54" and down.

XL - 77" length /  heating pad is 22" x 7" /  fits waist sizes 54" to 65".

XXL - 81" length with 2 extra chambers / heating pad is 26" x 7" /  fits waist sizes 54" to 69"

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Heating Pad Wrap & Arbor Oil Pain Kit

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