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Riviera Wrap heating pad wrap is a microwave heating pad that wraps around you!

Riviera Wrap heat wrap is a microwave heating pad that was designed by a person who suffers from back pain and neck pain. It is heat therapy for pain relief made simple. The heating pad wrap relieves back pain, neck pain, arthritis, & pain from fibromyalgia!

Uses: Neck, back, elbows, hips, abdomen, chest, rib cage, shoulders, knees, legs, arms lower back pain, upper back pain, pain in joints, joint related conditions, muscle aches, Arthritis & fibromyalgia.

Great for Fibromyalgia because the microwave heating pad wrap goes anywhere on your body for fast comfort. No other heat wrap can compare to the versatile weighted design that lets you put it any where and it stays put.

1/4 cup filling in the end of each strap is all it takes for this microwave heating pad wrap to stay put! It is very light weight and the weighted ends enable you to hang it over your shoulder, wrap it around your neck and you can get up walk around and it stays put! Tie it once around waste, hip, or abdomen and it stays put!

Great to use at work because you don't have to stay attached to a cord or hold it on! Stays on even when you walk around!

People who use the Riviera Wrap heating pad wrap love it because it is so versatile. Why buy 2 or three different wraps when you can have it all with one.

  • The Riviera Wrap heating pad wrap is made with soft cotton denim with your choice of popcorn or rice fill.
  • The heting pad wrap heats quickly in the microwave for lasting comfort and relief of pain .
  • You can use the heating pad wrap over rand over again making it very economical.

Only $4.95 ships all orders!

Available in three sizes:

Standard - 65" length / heating pad is 22" x  7" / fits waist sizes 54" and down.

XL - 77" length /  heating pad is 22" x 7" /  fits waist sizes 54" to 65".

XXL - 81" length with 2 extra chambers / heating pad is 26" x 7" /  fits waist sizes 54" to 69"

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