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Tortilla Wrap heating pad wrap is shaped like a tortilla to wrap around your hands and wrists!

Tortilla Wrap heat wrap is a microwave heating pad, heat wrap that gives relief of pain with heat therapy
for achy hands, wrists, feet, and ankles or any where you put it!

Ideal for: Arthritis pain / carpal tunnel syndrome & joint related conditions

100% soft cotton duck cloth. It's the tan equivalent to denim.
This fabric is durable, practical,  and an All American Favorite!

Our microwave heating pad, wraps around your hand or wrist and was specifically designed for
tired achy hands, painful wrists, feet, and ankles. The unique design surrounds your entire hand and wrist for
total penetration of heat in your joints!  Great for pain in hands, wrists, feet and ankles.

  • Roll it up and place it in front of your key board while typing for heat relief  on wrists while working.
  • Tortilla Wrap heat wrap has generous space.
  • Place in microwave to heat. Use over and over again.
  • Long wear life.
  • Fold Tortilla Wrap heat wrap in half like a taco and slide hands in like a muff;
    or, wrap it like a burrito for snugger fit. Closures keep it closed.

Made with 100% cotton duck cloth for long wear life. Rice fill.

Each microwave heating pad, heat wrap is hand made in
the USA for quality you won't find anywhere else!

Only $4.95 ships all orders!

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