Heat Therapy Information

Heat therapy has many benefits besides providing relaxation and comfort.

Most back and neck pain are due to muscle strain and over exertion which creates
tension in your muscles and soft tissue around your bones and joints, proper circulation
is restricted and causes pain.  Muscle spasms can also occur sometimes causing
excruciating pain.

Heat therapy can help relieve pain caused by muscle spasms. It also dilates the blood
vessels to increase the flow of oxygen bringing nutrients to the muscle, this helps heal
the injured tissue. Heat also stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin. This decreases
the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Heat also allows the muscles to relax so that
they will not spasm and get flexible allowing swelling to decrease and heal.

Heat therapy also allows you a safe and effective way to heal with less or without the use
of medication that can be harsh on vital organs in your body. It's also non Invasive and
feels really good.

Heat therapy is also inexpensive and easy to do.

Pain from Arthritis can also be relieved with heat therapy . Heat increases the flow of
oxygen to the joints, relaxes muscles and joints for temporary relief. Heat wraps filled with
rice give a moist heat and are easy to use at home.

With some injuries it is recommended that ice be used for the first 24 to 48 hours to
reduce swelling, then apply heat for comfort after the initial ice treatment. Ask your
Doctor which treatment to use after injury.

Mothercatco.com is providing this information as an aid to understanding pain
from muscles and joints. This information is in no way intended to treat or
diagnose any problems you may be having. It is recommended that all
individuals that are having any type of pain, seek advice from a medical
professional, and always use any therapies under their advice.

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