Bag O' Gold Microwave Heating Pads (Corn Bags)

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Bag O' Gold Microwave Heating Pads -  Corn Bag Heating Pads

Our top quality hand made microwave heating pads also called corn bag heating pads are made to order. They are truly Bags of Gold! Our top quality fabrics are hand selected to ensure you are getting a very soft, durable, practical, long lasting corn bag microwave heating pad. All seams are professionally finished to keep fabric from fraying.

  • All covers for the microwave heating pads are made with 100% cotton flannel.
  • The inside heating pad is made with 100% softened cotton duck cloth.
  • The heating pads are very soft and durable!
  • The heating pad Inside filling  is dryer dried corn.
  • The soft flannel cover for your heating pad is included with the price and you have a choice of over 20 fabrics!
  • The flexible design of the Bag of Gold microwave heating pad makes it comfy and cozy!
  • Our microwave heating pads are made in the USA!

Only $4.95 ships all orders!

See Below for Fabric Choices

Sizes Available:

5" X 20"  ($15.95)
Our scarf style heating pad has a generous length with 2 chambers that have 2 cups of corn in each chamber. A total of 4 cups!

10" X 10"  ($15.95)
Don't be fooled by the smaller size of this microwave heating pad because this little corn bag packs a lot of heat! It has 2 chambers each filled with 2 1/2 cups of corn. A total of 5 cups! It is a wonderful heating pad for any reason and as a bed time companion!

9" x 15 "   ($19.95)
Our largest rectangular microwave heating pad  is packed with 8 cups of corn. It  has 4 chambers!

Fabric Choices

Light Pink Marble Blue Marble Hot Pink Marble
Purple Marble Yellow Marble Green Marble
Leopard Zebra Pink Zebra
Love & Peace Hot Pink Floral Green Floral
Pink Paisley Purple Paisley Hearts
Frogs Pink Stripe Blue Stripe
Blue Plaid Red Plaid Scottie Plaid
Brown Plaid

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