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If you have injured your back you are not alone. Statistics show that 85% of all people suffer from a back injury at some point in their life. Can a back pain exercise program help you?  Physical therapists are now recommending back exercises as a means of  “Prevention” and “Relief” to back pain.

The most common type of injury inducing back pain is caused by  a “strain or sprain” of fibrous tissue of the muscle, tendon or ligament in your back. You could accidentally pull your muscles with just about any physical activity  that involves heavy lifting, sudden bending or twisting. Prolonged sitting (like at a computer)can put strain on muscles. Bad posture and bad sleep positions can also put strain on muscles causing back pain.

Least common would be a structural injury( an injury to the spinal column which usually is caused by a severe accident,) or an injury stemming from a generic disorder or illness such as Kyphosis, Lordosis, and Scoliosis.

Mother Cat Company has had several people write letters as to how they pulled their back out, with examples as...... In the garden, or moving heavy furniture etc......

This type of physical activity is just as strenuous on the body as sports (especially in an out of shape body, which most of us have, LOL!) . But theres a difference between most people and an athlete:

1: An athlete stays physically strong by resistance training.

2. They stay flexible by stretching.

Note: Recent studies indicate stretching cold muscles can cause permanent fibrous tissue damage. The proper protocol for an athlete or individual is to briskly warm the muscles before stretching to prevent  fibrous extension injuries by stimulating the muscle region about to be trained through exercise.

An example is a jogger: Many joggers go to the street and stretch their cold hamstrings than go jogging and develop a hamstring problem. The proper protocol would be to fast walk for several blocks or briskly/gentle jog for several blocks than stop and stretch the muscles used for jogging…than continue to complete the jog and finish with stretching. All stretching should be steady pressure and no bouncing the muscle.

So next time you pull a back muscle think about the possibility that you may need more flexibility and strength with a back pain exercise program.

A good back pain exercise program would incorporate stretching along with muscle strengthening exercise to promote healing, flexibility, and strength that could keep your back in good condition in order to withstand some of the elements that are associated with back pain.

A back pain exercise program that has both strength and stretch techniques have had very positive affects on reducing or eliminating back pain in most people that use it as their back pain regimen. No matter how physically fit one may be, there is still always a chance of injury, but the  severity of  an injury may be lessoned for those who stay fit and flexible.

Heres how back pain exercise works:  Muscles, ligaments and tendons in the back and connecting to the back, all play a role in your range of motion. Bend over too far and ouch! By stretching, you can improve your range of motion substantially , and when the time comes for physical activity, you will be less likely to pull a muscle, tendon or ligament. Stretching with back pain exercise should be designed to stretch all areas on the back and any area connecting to the back like hamstring and abdomen muscles etc......

Exercise strengthens  muscles, and movement from exercise distributes nutrients (red blood cells full of oxygen and nutrients) into disc space, muscles, ligaments joints and nerves. This naturally stimulates a healing process. Lack of exercise can worsen back pain by leading to stiffness, weakness, and de-conditioning. Back pain exercise should always be done in a controlled, gradual, and progressive manner. Back pain exercises should utilize all muscle groups that are in the back and connect to the back.

Note: Keeping good form while exercising is a must, so you won't  re-injure your self.

Heat therapy can help relieve pains in the back and most injuries. Heat therapy is a complimentary tool to all injuries  to accelerate recovery and relieve pain. Heat therapy dilates the blood vessels to increase the flow of oxygen bringing nutrients to the muscle, this helps heal the injured tissue. So using heat therapy in conjunction with back pain exercise will have positive results.

Before beginning any exercise program Mother Cat Company recommends that you check with your doctor to make sure that there are no other medical considerations that would change your approach to the exercise program. If exercise is new to you, then consider working with a certified personal trainer who can help you develop an exercise program that will meet your goals.

We have found a physical trainer with a back program on video for purchase. His name is James Ciferni and he developed his program (Back Pain Eliminator) because he was disabled from lower back injuries. His video is very inexpensive and can help you with your back pain exercise and stretching program. He gives two different types of training instruction depending on the severity of your back problem. James Ciferni's program strengthens and stretches every muscle attachment from the knees to upper abs, front and back. My husband is testimonial to the success of his program and we both thank him. For more information please click the link for " Back Pain Eliminator ".

Written by Carol Rivera  with help from James Ciferni is providing this information as an aid to understanding back pain and exercise. This information is in no way intended to treat or diagnose any problems you may be having. It is recommended that all individuals that are having any type of pain, seek advice from a medical professional, and always use any therapies or exercise programs under their advice.

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